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ARÖZCO Petrochemicals PLC has extensive experience in supplying bituminous products and asphalt services to civil engineering and construction firms in Ethiopia. We have built a reputation for ensuring smooth delivery at the best possible price.

We are also a leading supplier of a wide range of petrochemical products, bituminous products and bitumen decanting machinery. We supply our material and equipment for use in the roads construction and general civil engineering industry across Ethiopia.

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Our Specialization

A leading supplier of a wide range of petrochemical products, bituminous products and bitumen decanting machinery. A combination of high quality, reliable delivery and competitive pricing.

Penetration Grade

The penetration grade bitumen is refinery bitumen that is manufactured at different viscosities...

petrolium Coke

Petroleum coke is a carbonization product of high-boiling hydrocarbon fractions obtained in petroleum processing (heavy residues)...

Medium Cuiring

Asphalt cutbacks use petroleum solvents for fluidifying asphalt cement. The solvents are called distillate, diluents or cutter stock...


Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock with a high amount of carbon and hydrocarbons...


Bitumen emulsion is heterogeneous, two-phase systems consisting of two immiscible liquids, bitumen and water, stabilized by a third component, the emulsifier...

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ARÖZCO aims to bring international standards to the Ethiopian road building and civil engineering industry.

Our Future Project

Arözco Service are launching 7  high-capacity, ecological and self-sustainable (latest generation solar-powered) service stations – the first of its kind in Africa.

Our Expert Team

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Bruno Deberzigny Rozler


Niguse Elcho

Head of Finance & Admin

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Commercial&Operation Mng

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System Admin

Hawi Retta

Commercial&Operation Ass hawi@Arozco.com

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System Admin

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